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Honest, Flavorful Food

A Few Words About Our Restaurant

Bep Me In is a vietnamese restaurant offering a Vietnamese family style food, with street food specialities, classic dishes, and some modern take of those.  
Located in a small and peaceful alley. Bep Me In will bring to you the feeling of coming back home where the mama is cooking in the kitchen. In our kitchen being here, you will be experienced many classic childhood dishes which Vietnamese mother makes for family by her love; simply as her lifestyle but unforgettable.  
Mother always knows how to choose the freshest the best and the most nutrious ingredients changed everyday for the family’s meals more various and attractive. Come to Bep Me In you will have chance to catch the familiar images of “old” Sai Gon such as “Xe Lam’ (tuk tuk), the father’s antique bicycle, the mother’s shoulder pole, and the clay pots and bowls with cracks. All of these created our style which Bep Me In wants to show to customers.

For your safety, please inform our staffs if you have any ALLERGY or/and DISLIKE of any ingredient. Thank you so much!